What is True Human Nature? 

Most of the faiths believe in the existence of something holy and pure in all human beings. Some call it ‘Spirit’ or ‘Spirit Guide’, some call it ‘Buddha Nature’ – which holds the ‘Seed of Enlightenment’. Qur’an calls it FITRAH.

FITRAH means ‘Primordial or True Nature’ each child is born with.

According to the Qur’an, a human being is born with a pure soul in submission to God, i.e. as a Muslim; which is intuitive, insightful and inclined towards goodness. Any veering away from this norm is because of her or his socialisation and upbringing.

“Devote yourself single mindedly to the true system of monotheism; and adhere to the true nature (FITRAH) on which God has created human beings. There is no altering in the creation of God. That is the pure faith, although most people do not know.”
The Roman (Ar-Rum), Qur’an 30:30
So, going against our true nature is nothing but going against the Universal Law or the Law of Nature. Obviously, it creates a great chaos and disharmony in all aspects of our lives.