A Baghdadi merchant was sitting in a ship with his assistant, and they were going to Basra. Bahlool and some others were also in the same ship.

The assistant started crying because he was afraid of the ship’s turbulent movements. All the travelers became annoyed at this.

Bahlool asked for the merchant’s permission to quiet him by some advice. The merchant agreed. Bahlool immediately ordered to throw the assistant into the sea. His command was carried out. When the assistant was near death, he was rescued.

After that experience, the assistant quietly sat in a corner of the ship.

The travelers asked Bahlool the reason why this act calmed the assistant.

Bahlool replied, “This person didn’t know how comfortable this ship was or what greatness and value it held. When he was thrown into the sea, he understood that this ship is a comfortable and relieving place.”


– A spiritual story from Iraq