Why emptying the mind is necessary for enlightenment

Thirty spokes unite around one hub to make a wheel.

It is the presence of the empty space that gives the function of a vehicle.
Clay is moulded into a vessel. It is the empty space that gives the function of a vessel.
Doors and windows are chisel out to make a room.

It is the empty space in the room that gives its function.

Therefore, something substantial can be beneficial.

While the emptiness of void is what can be utilised.

Tao Te Ching, Chapter 11, 4th century BC
Cleaning up junks in all forms from our internal and external lives, is a prerequisite to receive ‘Enlightenment’.Get rid of all the excess social, cultural, emotional baggages….
Photo: EARLY CHINESE POTTERY – Large Cizhou or Tz’u-chou ware Vessel, Northern Song period, 11-12th century (Google Image)