The Secured Self – Spiritual Stages of a Self/Soul in the Qur’an (Stage 4)

O Secured Soul,
Return to your Lord, well-pleased and well-pleasing,
And enter among My devotees
And enter My Paradise (Eternal Bliss).

-The Dawn (Al Fajr) Qur’an 89:27-30

The Secured Soul or Self (Nafs Al Muttma’inna) is the soul that has been awakened fully to the Haq (Truth). It now lives in the spiritual realm.

The heart is now shining bright with the light of consciousness. The ego’s power is under full control. Purity, refinement, clarity, and light dominate the heart so that it becomes the secured soul.

In this stage, the desires of immortality and sovereignty become completely veiled and they are returned to their true owner who is Allah (God).

Its refinement is attained through increasing commitment and sincere fulfilment of its obligations in all aspects of everyday life, particularly with respect to human relationships and conduct before acts of worship as the Prophet said,

The Way (Deen) is in conduct, and, the best of you in character is the best in faith.

It’s a serene, contented, tranquil, and a soul at peace. Obviously, the peace here means that it has divine help and protection from committing sin and also divine help and protection from desiring sin. It has no unlawful desires. It has desires, that is what the nafs does, but it only desires good things.

The sign of this is, not only do they not do sin, they no longer desire sin. That faculty, that part of their humanity that desires, only and only desires things that Allah Almighty views as desirable and has stopped desiring those things that Allah Almighty has labeled as undesirable.

The Secured Soul has entered the pathways, methods and means of protection and healing through self-accounting, resistance, striving, and devotion.

These efforts bear the fruit of certainty in the truth that Allah alone is the cause and motivator of everything for there is no god but Him and no lord but Him. And that Allah in all His action is merciful and generous. He knows the best interests of the self.

The soul becomes confident that what is with Allah is better and more enduring than whatever is in its possession or in the possession of others. In this way, it gains complete trust and confidence (Tawakkal) in its Lord; He is the one who knows what is best for it and He is the best of Sustainers (Rabb) and the best of Trustees (Wakeel).

So, the soul is rewarded security. It ceases to occupy itself with anything other than what it has reached confidence in, that is its Lord Allah. In this stage, the Secured Soul is in constant remembrance of Allah both on the tongue and in the heart.

Those who believe, and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of God: for without doubt in the remembrance of God do hearts find satisfaction.

The Thunder (Ar- Ra’d) Qur’an 13:28

This is the stage where the soul is liberated and revived its True Nature (Fitrah). This is the soul which is a winner in the greatest struggle with the self or ‘Jihad al-Nafs’; a fight with the evil whispers and temptations. From here, the soul can progress further in the spiritual realm…

(The Attributes and Names of the Ranks and Stations of the Nafs in its Striving and Elevation – A Translation of a Classic Text by Mahmoud Mostafa)

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