The Content Self – Spiritual Stages of a Self/Soul in the Qur’an (Stage 5)

Return to your Lord well-pleased ( content )…

– The Dawn (Al-Fajr) Qur’an 89 : 28

The Content Self or Nafs al-Radiyah’s remembrance is al-Hayy (The Living / The Everlasting).

As the Secure Self ascends to its Lord the lights of the heart increase and fill the entire body transforming the sensual desires of the ego to the desire for what the Prophet brought in the Qur’an and Traditions (Sunnah). Its desires are now solely for these things and it is totally content with its Lord.

Now hardship and ease are the same to it as are harm and benefit, and withholding and giving because it has become certain after becoming secure that every action and deed is from Allah (God) alone; He is its Master, Sovereign, and Creator.

He is the one who grants it Mercy and Compassion. He is the one who is Tender and Benevolent toward it. Everything that is from its Beloved is accepted by it and it is content with it. It is content with whatever Allah wishes to do with it.

At this level the self’s creed is that if it is tried it is patient, and if it is given it is thankful, and if it is deprived it is accepting, and if it is wronged it is forgiving.

It has now become the self with a wholesome and sound heart. It fluctuates in all its states between sincerity (al-Ikhlas) , trust (Tawwakul), relegation (Tafweed), contentment (Ridah), al-Wara which is like being careful or impeccable and surrender (Tasleem) to Allah. The characteristic of this self is constant cheerfulness, gratitude, and thankfulness no matter what happens.

This state (Hal) does not impede him from giving guidance or counsel to creation nor from ordering them or forbidding them. Everyone who listens to his words is benefitted by them, yet his (Salik) heart is completely busy with the world/realm of divinity (al-Lahut) and the secret of secrets. The person in this station or stage is also in the utmost of courtesy (Adab) with Allah.

His prayers are answered, he has authority with creation, he is respected by everyone high and low. So he is held in exaltation by creation by force (He has no choice). Those of the creation do not know why they hold him in such high esteem and respect. However, he should not rely on this phenomenon, especially from unjust people, as he will be touched by the fire of their qualities.

(The Attributes and Names of the Ranks and Stations of the Nafs in its Striving and Elevation – A Translation of a Classic Text by Mahmoud Mostafa)

Photo: Islamic Geometry by Muna Alsoffi, Malaysia